The problem of unequal income distribution in america

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Inequality index: where are the world's most unequal countries?

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Record inequality: The top 1% controls 36% of America's wealth

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Income distribution

the more equal is the distribution of income before taxes and transfer payments, they hypothesize, the lower are the tax rates and transfer payments preferred by the (hypothetically decisive) median voter.

Low taxes and transfers are presumed to preserve. In each of these cities, a household at the 95th percentile of the income distribution earned at least 15 times the income of a household at the 20th percentile. Worst of all, income inequality eats away at social mobility.

In Wilkinson's own words: "If Americans want to live the American dream, they should go to Denmark.". In DecemberPresident Obama called rising income inequality “the defining challenge of our time.” The Economist reports that the share of the national income going to the top 1 percent of Americans has doubled since (from 10 percent to 20 percent).The share of national income earned by the top percent has grown from 1 percent to nearly 5 percent.

Income inequality and poverty have become synonymous when addressing issues concerning Latin America. Although Brazil and Honduras seem to be on opposite economic trajectories with radically different GDPs, they are inextricably bound together by the same issues that impact the entire region.

Journal of Income Distribution 9 () 11–25 not yielded to measurement as easily as the issue of a later decline in inequality in the data- abundant twentieth century.

Key findings on the rise in income inequality within America’s racial and ethnic groups The problem of unequal income distribution in america
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