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Endorsements came. II CONTENTS TEXAS FACT BOOK. INCOME Per Capita Personal Income Mike Krusee GW Edmund Kuempel 3N James “Pete” Laney 3N Jodie Laubenberg E David Leibowitz E Vilma Luna 4S Jerry Madden E Texas House District 52, General Election Won with % Texas House District 52, Republican Party Primary Election Won with % Texas House District 52.

List of people from Texas.

Trans-Texas Corridor

Jump to navigation Jump to search Mike Krusee (born ), former state representative; Maggie Jones (c. – unknown), blues singer, pianist, known as "The Texas Nightingale" Mike Jones (born ), rapper; Norah Jones (born ), soul/folk singer-songwriter, born in New York City but raised in Texas. Former state Rep.

Mike Krusee, R-Round Rock, who authored the omnibus transportation law that led to the program's approval, concedes that allowing the surcharges was a bad move.

List of people from Texas

Michael J. “Mike” Krusee (born February 26, ) is the departing Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives from District 52, based about Round Rock in Williamson County. Considered an authority on transportation issues, Krusee has held.

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