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Mammography: Senographe Pristina™

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Bouwman, R. W. and al., et.Physics in Medicine & Biology, pp. United States. GE Healthcare Announces FDA Approval of SenoClaire, New Breast Imaging with 3D Tomosynthesis Solution.

September 3, GE’s SenoClaire* breast tomosynthesis is a three-dimensional imaging technology that uses a low-dose short X-ray sweep around the compressed breast with only nine exposures.

This imaging technique is designed to separate the tissues and to reduce the overlapping of structures, which represents a limiting factor in standard 2D mammography.

Seno Iris GE Mammography Solution

Wauwatosa, WI, September 3, GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) today announced the FDA approval of SenoClaire*, GE's new breast tomosynthesis solution designed with a. GE SenoClaire is the first digital breast tomosynthesis system with an anti-scatter solution, contributing to excellent image quality and low dose for thick breasts.

High thickness result - ACR + PMMA Rh/Rh 31kV 71 mAs (AOP param). The GE Breast Tomosynthesis Training is an online service training course designed for participants who are Senographe Essential trained. This course will provide information on installing and servicing the GE breast tomosynthesis option.

Ge healthcarebreast tomosynthesis
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