Endura singletrack helmet test

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Cycle Accessories

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Kitbag – Endura winter 2017/18

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endura mountain biking

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Endura Singletrack II helmet Endura Design philosophyEndura are renowned for no-nonsense kit that stands the test of time.

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This evolution of a best-selling glove dials up the protection with TPU overlays for added protection from bra Endura Singletrack shorts + Mesh Clickfast Liner Endura are Scottish, based in Livingston know a thing or two about waterproof jackets - shame they haven't figured out a solution to the midges!

Hard to beat for the money is last years Singletrack jacket which is currently half. Endura's Singletrack Lite Shorts are lightweight, slim-fitting shorts that'll handle all your mountain bike adventures. Made from a 4-way stretch fabric, they also feature a durable seat panel.

There are zip mesh thigh vents to cool you off, three zip pockets, and a wicking, adjustable waistband to dial in the comfort.

ENDURA Singletrack Black Helmet

Helmet pod for handy storage and transport of Endura cycle helmets • Lightweight and robust, saves your helmet from dings and scratches • Internal stretch mesh net holds helmet securely in place • Mesh base provides ventilation to help drying • One size fits all Endura helmets.

Windproof, softshell, rain jackets what are you looking for in a cycling jacket? A cycling jacket usually has, like cycling jerseys, a slightly longer instituteforzentherapy.com that the whole back is protected down to your backside when bent forward in the riding position.

The Speedcoupe is designed to elevate your performance to the next level without compromising your style. Engineered with the finest materials, % eyewear exceeds the demands of top-level athletes resulting in a lightweight, comfortable fit.

Endura singletrack helmet test
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