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British Conservative Party vs. British Labour Party

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Conservative Party (UK)

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Labour candidates and parties in Canada

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Fines will be cut for companies who employ similar immigrants. Conservative Party, byname Tories, in the United Kingdom, a political party whose guiding principles include the promotion of private property and enterprise, the maintenance of a strong military, and the preservation of traditional cultural values and institutions.

Conservative Party (UK)

Since World War I the Conservative Party and its principal opponent, the Labour Party, have. This means the manifestos of both Labour and the Conservatives will be subject to renewed scrutiny.

Here is a summary of the policies the main parties have pledged to implement if they win. Brexit. Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (L) and leader of the opposition Labour Party Ed Miliband. (Reuters/Toby Melville) / Reuters Regardless of how the British public votes today, one outcome is guaranteed: the UK will end up with some form of either a Labour government or a Conservative government.

The Labour Party - For the many, not the few. Party Policies Compare Labour policies against Conservative policies Please note this website was created for the General Election.

Due to the lack of preparation time, we have not updated this website for the Election. Is Britain's two-party system in decline? Introduction A two party -system has existed in the United Kingdom since the late 17 th century.

Based on the evidence, since the mid s until present, the dominant groups are the Conservative party and the Labour party.

Conservative labour party
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Compare Labour with Conservative party policies side-by-side