Assessment of problem of tax administration

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Assessment of capital gain tax administration in Nigeria: problem and prospect

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Anyamu () writing on tax policy planning and administration in Nigeria opines that a tax system that ignores the tax planning and administrative aspect is deemed to remain a good system only on paper. to problems such as low rates of tax compliance, ineffective tax administration staff, and corruption.

The paper discusses RAs as a governance model, from the perspective of revenue administration and the almost universal desire to improve performance and compliance with the law. Tax policy not only has an impact on the costs of administration, but also on the organization of the administration.

On the other hand, the level of administrative capacity in the tax and customs administration should be a key factor to consider when designing a tax system. Understandably however, tax administration is embedded with a legion of problems on one hand and there are prospects available to administer taxes effectively on the other.

eJournal of Tax Research Value Added Tax Administration in Ethiopia: A Reflection of Problems of filing and payments, refunds, audits and penalties.

In addition, the costs of VAT administration were briefly examined in the case of Jantscher’s () study. Problem at implementation arise from a tax payer’s and tax administration and lack of awareness of business enterprise to know about VAT advantages and application of it due to these not ready our self of to register this is the major problem in the country not only in the Bishoftu town .

Assessment of problem of tax administration
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